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News Media release

The appointment of the members and ex-officio members to the occupational advisory committee provides the basis for an important news release. The school administration may wish to inform the community about the purposes of the advisory committee and to give recognition to the newly-appointed members. You could assume leadership for this public relations activity by drafting a news release and submitting it to the administration for approval and subsequent release to the news media. One caution: The advisory committee members should be notified of their appointment prior to releasing the news article. They should not first learn of their appointment through the news media.

It is essential that the news release be prepared in a professional manner. The release should contain the following information:

Below is an example of a news release concerning an advisory committee in a secondary school system, which could easily be modified for use at the post secondary level.

The news media may desire to have a representative attend one or more meetings of the advisory committee. You should check with the school administration to determine school policy regarding applicable right-to-know laws.

___________________ Occupational Advisory Committee Formed

Mister John Jones, president of the Sigma School Board of Education, announces the formation of the ________________ Occupational Advisory Committee. Mister. Jones said "The major objective of this advisory committee is to maintain and improve the ________________ education program in our school district. We wish to ensure that the high-quality opportunities will be available to all members in the community who can benefit from ________________ education."

The members of the ________________ Occupational Advisory Committee are as follows: [List names, and titles if appropriate.]

The advisory committee will provide the Board of Education with advice and assistance on matters pertaining to the ________________ instructional program.

Committee members will work closely with the ________________ teacher, Mr./Ms. ________________, to help ensure that the course offerings are relevant to the needs of both the students and the community. Through the committee members, all citizens of the district will have an additional communications link with the school.

[ information unique to the local situation may be included here.]