Developing and Maintaining an Advisory Committee

Statement of Organizational Procedures

Each step in the suggested procedures for organizing an occupational advisory committee is designed to prevent misunderstanding between the parties and ball (i.e., board members and administrators, the teacher and administrator, advisory committee members and the teacher). The board and the administrators will usually want to know what procedures will be followed in organizing the advisory committee and under what rules advisory committee will operate. The statement of organizational procedures can be thought of as a part of a constitution, or set of rules, governing the organization and operation of the advisory committee.

A clearly written statement describing the rules under which the advisory committee shall be organized cancer as a base of reference for years to come. The occupational advisory committee should be a continuing committee, functioning as long as the instructional program remains in operation. Is school Personnel changes and the advisory committee members change, this statement will ensure continuity in the operation of the advisory committee.

The statement of organizational procedures should reflect the anticipated concerns of the board and the. Most likely, the first concern will focus on the question of membership on the proposed advisory committee. The statement should clearly defined the rules under which the members will be selected(e.g., through the appointment and use of a selection committee), the types of individuals who will be nominated for membership, and the procedure for reporting and replacing members. In addition, questions may arise in regard to the financing of the committee, the way in which the committee will offer, the role of the committee in making Public Announcement, the responsibilities of the advisory committee in making reports to the board, and the process whereby the statements of the organizational procedures may be changed. Each of these concerns needs to be addressed. Below is an example of the format and content of a statement of organizational procedures for an advisory committee.