Developing and Maintaining an Advisory Committee

Statement of Purposes (Charter)

The statement of purposes, or chart, establishes the legal framework within which an occupational advisory committee is authorized to work. The general statement should be relatively short. The details can be clarified in a statement of organizational procedures.

A well prepared statement of purposes, presented in a professional manner, will often have a strong positive influence on the attitude of the administration and the members of the board. A favorable attitude towards the presentation may enhance the chances for having the statement of purpose approved and, thus, for obtaining permission to establish an occupational advisory committee.

The board will often appreciate having the statement of purpose written in such a manner that it could be used as a resolution. The statement should address itself to the anticipated concerns of the board members. They should know what actions they are being asked to take and how this action may affect the board and the school or college.

The action being requested is to have the board officially authorize the establishment of a continuing occupational advisory committee. The board will want to know the proposed name of the advisory committee.

The board will want assurances that the advisory committee will not trespass upon its domain. The board will need to have an idea of what the advisory committee may do and how these functions may aid the board, the institution, and the community.

Once convinced of the merits of having an occupational advisory committee, the board will usually be willing to pledge its support. However, most will also wish to reserve their right to terminate the advisory committee at any time.

The statement of purposes should answer, in Broad, the questions and concerns of the board. Typically, an adequate statement of purposes will be approximately one page and Lee. An example of a statement of purpose or Charter for an occupational advisory committee in a secondary school system is shown below. With modifications of the terminology, it would be equally applicable to the post secondary level.

Statement of Purposes (Charter)

The Board of Education _____________________________________________________

On this_____ th day of________ 20 __ authorizes the establishment of a continuing committee to be known as The _________________________ Occupational Advisory Committee. The committee is to be organized and operated under the procedures approved by this Board.

The Board of Education reserves the right to dissolve The _________________________ Occupational Advisory Committee at any time for any reason.

The ______________ Occupational Advisory Committee is not to be regarded as a substitute for any other form of citizen participation in school affairs. It is intended to stimulate and supplement other types of citizen participation.

The purpose of The _________________________ Occupational Advisory Committee is expected to contribute to the improvement of _____________________ education provided by the school system by such functions as the following:

By authorizing the establishment of The _________________________ Occupational Advisory Committee, the Board of Education pledges complete cooperation the committee's work. The _________________________ Occupational Advisory Committee will be expected to operate within the guidelines set forth.