Evaluation of curriculum

Unit 4 - determine curriculum content The student will be able to... 1. Describe the relationship between content determination strategies in terms of objectivity. 2. Define different content determination strategies and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each one. 3. Define occupational analysis and d a c u m. 4. Outline the basic steps for conducting an occupational analysis. 5. Explain when an occupational analysis would; and would not be an appropriate curriculum content determining strategy and why. 6. Distinguish between a task statement and a duty statement. 7. distinguish between a job and an occupation. 8. Find the steps for analyzing an occupation. 9. The process of developing a job description. 10. Describe steps and resources that are used in preparing and initial listing of Duty and task statements. 11. Find what constitutes a good task statement. 12. Find the pilot testing of an occupational inventory. 13. Describe the process of validating or verifying task and Duty statements. 14. Explain the steps used in surveying and interviewing to verify tasks and Duty statements. 15. Scribe the process of analyzing and Reporting task inventory data. 16. Develop an initial task/ duty list for a technical occupation. 17. Duct in use a validated task analysis.