What Is a Project Champion?

The project champion is the person within an organization implementing a project who takes on the burden of ensuring everyone involved is on board and behind the ultimate success of the project.

They are responsible for:

Appropriately allocating and organizing internal resources to ensure the successful completion implementation or adoption of a project. They don’t take “no” or “I don’t have the time” for an answer. They keep everyone’s eyes on the prize that represents the successful implementation of this project.

A project champion is the unfeigned, authoritative and, at times, veracious champion of a project.

A bona fide project advocate, a project champion is typically a member of senior management or critical expertise that strengthens a project’s value by adding formidable experience to the mix. Accurately and efficiently delivering project success.

Seven Traits of a Project Champion

1) Qualifications and aptitude to understand all elements of the project.
2) Capacity to meet and exceed expectations of management.
3) Ability to motivate and inspire a team to buy in and become engaged in the project’s success.
4) Finesse to negotiate with all parties to ensure project success.
5) Exceptional problem solving abilities and the resourcefulness to defeat obstacles.
6) Superior organizational talents, and a knack for keeping team members on track.
7) Stellar communications skills, keeping all project stakeholders aware and engaged.