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Age Alignment Appearance Bravery Collections Disposition Energy General
Honesty Intellect Interests Materialism Morals Nature Personality Piety Possessions Sanity Thrift
1 middle-agedlawful evil rough cowardly none compassionate energetic sober scrupuless pondorous pondorous average normal vengful egotistical impious scant neurotic mean
2 mature lawful neutral non-descript normal none harsh normal opinionated very honorable scheeming scheeming aesthetic depraved jealous blustering irrevelent average normal average
3 mature neutral dandyish normal none sensitive slothful trusting average average average greedy immoral forgiving forceful martyr superabundant very stable thrifty
4 youthful chaotic neutral ragged brave books and scrolls compassionate energetic contrary average dull dull covetous lusty unforgiving arrogant impious average normal spendthrift
5 young lawful evil non-descript brave none harsh normal warlike average average average intellectualist lusty soft-hearted modest reverent above average normal spendthrift
6 middle-aged chaotic neutral immaculate craven none humble normal capricious deceitful active active covetous lustful hard-hearted friendly average scant normal spendthrift
7 mature lawful neutral non-descript normal none humble slothful altruist average anit-intellectual anit-intellectual covetous depraved vengful friendly average none neurotic aferage
8 mature chaotic good non-descript craven shields and weapons compassionate driven foul average dreaming dreaming avericious normal vengful arrogant average average normal miserly
9 middle-aged neutral rough brave none cheerful lazy studioous average scheeming scheeming greedy lustful vengful arrogant martyr none neurotic thrifty
10 old neutral evil rough brave none haughty lazy opinionated truthful active active aesthetic immoral hard-hearted arrogant average exceptional normal aferage
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