Below is a brief description of all PHP files you will find in the download archive.

  1. config.php - This script contains the database connection details. Edit this file to specify your own database's connection details.
  2. register-form.php - A simple registration form
  3. register-exec.php - Handler script for the the above form. This script will create member accounts for you.
  4. login-form.php - Login form
  5. login-exec.php - Handler script for the above login form. This script authenticates the login details and then sets up a session for the user.
  6. logout.php - Script used to logout a user from the session.
  7. member-index.php - Sample password protected page.
  8. member-profile.php - Sample password protected page.
  9. auth.php - Include this script at the top of any page you want to password protect. This script checks whether the user is logged in or not.